Top 8 Selling Products of Enjuku Racing

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They offer expert advice, unmatched client assistance, and the accommodation of having the option to shop right from the solace of your home, at the track, or elsewhere you feel enlivened to update your ride.

What Is Enjuku Racing?

Enjuku Racing is your definitive source for quality stock and performance automotive racing parts. At Enjuku Racing, you'll find the most reduced prices on Nissan aftermarket parts and other performance car parts that you can depend on to fulfill your desire for speed.

1. ISR Performance Series II Full Titanium Single GT Exhaust - Nissan 240sx 89-94 S13

ISR Performance Series II Full Titanium

ISR Performance Series II Single GT exhaust is a Cat-back exhaust system made of Full Titanium to ensure the lightest weight and quality.

It has the following features namely:

  • Provides a deep and aggressive exhaust tone
  • Crazy Light Full Titanium Construction - ~ 9 lbs Total Weight
  • Precision Welded
  • Titanium
  • Burnt Tips
  • 3" exhaust with 4.5'' muffler tip

2. SQUARE Wheels - Flow Formed G33 R Model - (18x10.5 +15 5x114.3 - Silver) and (18x9.5 +12 5x114.3 - Silver)


The all-new Square Wheels G33-R builds upon the immensely successful G33 model. The new G33-R provides even greater brake clearance and a deeper concave face. Utilizing new Flow Formed construction techniques the G33-R clocks in at an impressive 20.7 lb for the 18x9.5, and 21.2 lb for the 18x10.5.

The aggressive spoke design allows for greater brake clearance, easily clearing popular caliper options like the OEM 370Z Akebono, and OEM 350Z Brembo.

3. SQUARE Wheels G33 Model - 17x9 +15 5x114.3 - Limited Edition Textured Bronze - (Set of 4 Wheels)

It is a limited edition- textured bronze. The Model G33 from SQUARE Wheels is the perfect choice for your Nissan 240SX. These wheels were designed with the lines and profile of the 240SX in mind, giving you near-custom performance wherever the road takes you. Whether they’re for your daily driver or a show car, these wheels won’t disappoint.

A set of G33 wheels from SQUARE is a premium set of rims for your car. Use a trained tire professional and consult your service manual if you need any assistance installing these rims.

If you have any questions about these or any of our wheels, give us a call at (352) 241-8399. Our customer service team will help you find the right wheel for your ride. Order your SQUARE Wheels G33 online from Enjuku Racing today.

Legal only for use in competition vehicles that may never be registered, licensed, and/or used on public streets or highways; and also for use in other exempted vehicles.

It has the following features.

  • The SQUARE Wheels G33 is a 17x9 +15 5x114.3 wheel designed specifically for the Nissan 240SX.
  • These wheels will clear the Z32 brakes.
  • SQUARE Wheels are race-engineered for performance
  • Sold as a set of 4

4. OEM Clutch Pedal Assembly For Nissan 240sx 89-98 S13 S14

OEM Clutch Pedal Assembly

OEM Nissan Clutch Pedal Assembly Nissan 240sx. Needed when doing a 5-speed swap.

Fits: (1) 1989-94 - Requires Removal of spot welded bracket on the back of the pedal. OEM S13 Pedal is discontinued by Nissan. This is an S14 Pedal that requires slight modification to fit S13, and (2) 1995-98 Nissan 240sx S14.

5. Competition Clutch - FME VQ37VHR Street Twin Clutch Kit 370z G37

The street Multi-plate Clutch Kit with Flywheel for the VQ37VHR engines to fit 370z and G37 chassis is now available from Competition Clutch. This package offers a significant boost in horsepower holding capacity along with outstanding driving qualities. This double-disc clutch's design offers the best compromise between daily driving and performance driving.

Many new features are responsible for these positive attributes. Two 240mm full-faced discs are used in conjunction with a performance aluminum pressure plate, thereby providing additional friction area for engagement.

The strapped mid-plate and pressure plate design bring smooth clutch engagement with virtually no noise, providing a consistent pedal feel and smoother load transfers between shifting engagements. The matched steel flywheel is CNC machined and balanced. With the withholding capability of 750 wheel torque and smooth clutch engagement, the new Competition Clutch FME is the ultimate street clutch kit.

It has the following features.

  • 240mm Organic Discs
  • Strapped Midplate and Pressure plate for smooth engagement and vibration absorption
  • Aluminum Clutch cover with heat-treating diaphragm for smooth modulation of the clutch pedal
  • Holds 750wtq
  • Traditional twin disc rattle not exist with this application

6. Nismo Type-X 180sx Tail Lights for Nissan 240sx 89-94

Tail Lights

This set of Nismo 180sx tail lights can be installed on any 89-94 Nissan 240sx. The full kit includes tail lights, a center panel, a lower panel (which needs painting), new keys, and a lock. Keep in mind that some minor rewiring will need to be done to get these lights working properly. The Nismo tail lights can only be used on the hatchback model of the 240sx.

Everything you need to install the tail lights can be found in the kit, which makes for an easy install that should only take a couple of hours. These lights will form a tight seal that will last years on your Nissan! Whether you need to replace a broken tail light or you just want to try a different look, this kit delivers.

7. AEM Wideband UEGO Gauge - Digital Air/Fuel - 30-4110

An AEM Wideband UEGO Gauge is a wideband sensor controller that monitors air-to-fuel ratios (AFR) as you tune up your car. The goal of using the device is to prevent a lean fuel mixture that may damage the vehicle’s engine and prevent a rich fuel mixture that decreases performance.

To improve AFR accuracy and control, AEM combines its single-channel wideband UEGO controller and gauge display into a single unit that features a user-friendly interface. The AEM Wideband UEGO Gauge is an AFR controller and a gauge composed of one unit.

Using accurate AFR data is essential for tuning up an engine for two reasons. When a vehicle runs too rich as a result of having low air-to-fuel ratios, it can result in a loss of driving power, and running too lean due to high air-to-fuel ratios can seriously damage the engine.

It’s essential to use the gauge during a tune-up, allowing you to monitor AFR and alter your tuning parameters to optimize them to deliver the highest levels of power and efficiency.

This isn’t necessary when you use the AEM Wideband UEGO Gauge, which contains Bosch 4.9 LSU sensors. Individually laboratory-calibrated, this sensor from Bosch requires no free-air calibration.

If you’re tuning up a vehicle to redefine its performance, the last thing you want is to find that the tune-up job doesn’t deliver the performance you desire.

8. Walbro High-Pressure 255 ltr/hr Fuel Pump Nissan 240sx 89-98

Walbro High-Pressure 255

To fully unleash the horsepower of a powerful 240SX performance engine, you need a high-pressure fuel pump like a Walbro high-pressure fuel pump. If you’re overhauling your engine while customizing your 240SX, you need more than just a motor upgrade. You also need to upgrade systems that support engine performance — and implementing a high-pressure fuel pump will make a huge difference.

A Walbro high-pressure pump is a great fuel pump upgrade thanks to its affordability. The pump works well in high-horsepower vehicles and comes with an install kit for Nissan applications, making it a must-have performance part for executing SR swaps on a conservative budget. Other pumps cost more while delivering the same level of performance. Invest in this upgrade, and save money for more customizations.

In conclusion, the featured products are only one of the numerous superior parts sold at Enjuku Racing. The company strives to keep a thorough stock of the greatest quality performance products available. Shop at Enjuku Racing if you need the most amazing parts for your vehicle. The distinction in performance is clear the moment you introduce any of their parts, and your venture will give you long stretches of solid assistance.

Assuming you have any inquiries regarding changing over to this specific taillight design or you have inquiries concerning some other parts provided by Enjuku Racing, go ahead and call their specialists. They're here to assist vehicle enthusiasts with taking advantage of their arrangement with their broad tuning information. Look at their Nismo tail lights and request a set for yourself today!