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Features of GetResponse Vs Moosend

A crucial component of marketing is email marketing. Your marketing efforts may succeed or fail depending on the email marketing software you use. Market vendors provide a wide range of email marketing systems. It might be challenging to locate the ideal email marketing platform. I think you've tested a lot of email marketing programs before settling on GetResponse and Moosend after a thorough study.

Both are fantastic choices. GetResponse works well in some circumstances, whereas Moosend works well in others. Depending on your demands, these platforms can fit within your company. In order to assist you to choose between GetResponse and Moosend, this post will compare their characteristics.

The most widely used and well-known email marketing programs are GetResponse and Moosend. Let's go over the advantages and disadvantages of each software function.

What is GetResponse?

GetResponse is an effective email marketing tool with outstanding features including webinars, advertising, website builders, push notifications, live chats, landing pages, SMS marketing, and more. It is a fantastic choice for eCommerce, new enterprises, independent contractors, bloggers, affiliate marketers, and big corporations. Here is a link to the whole GetResponse evaluation.

What is GetResponse

What is Moosend?

A straightforward and user-friendly email marketing tool created exclusively for SMMs is called Moosend (Small to Medium-sized Businesses). It includes everything you need to conduct a successful email campaign, including completely customized email templates, automatic email matching and delivery, real-time reporting, and more. Check out this Moosend review.

What is Moosend?

A user-friendly email marketing tool made exclusively for SMMs, Moosend is simple and straightforward (Small to Medium-sized Businesses). It includes everything you want to operate a successful email campaign, including expert and secure campaign development, completely editable email templates, automatic email matching and delivery, real-time reporting, and much more. Here is a review of Moosend.

What is the difference between GetResponse vs Moosend?

Both Moosend and GetResponse are trustworthy email marketing tools. Both basic automation and sending frequent email campaigns will serve your needs. GetResponse, however, provides greater value at a lower cost if you want more sophisticated and comprehensive marketing automation software.

Features of GetResponse Vs Moosend

Core Features                                                       GetResponse                 Moosend
Email marketing                                                          YES                          YES 
Prebuilt email templates                                              YES                          YES  
Signup forms and pop-ups                                           YES                          YES  
Marketing automation                                                  YES                          YES  
Conversion funnels                                                       YES                          NO
Landing pages                                                               YES                          NO
Live web chats                                                              YES                           NO
Webinars                                                                       YES                           NO
Web push notifications                                                 YES                           NO
SMS marketing                                                             YES                           NO
Built-in image editor                                                     YES                          YES  
Free stock photos                                                           YES                          YES  
Send time and delivery optimization                             YES                          YES  
Countdown timer                                                           YES                          NO
Dedicated IP address                                                      YES                          NO
Lead scoring                                                                   YES                          NO
Website Builder                                                              YES                          NO
Facebook ads                                                                  YES                          NO

GetResponse and Moosend clearly vary from one another on this graph. You may use many of GetResponse's services for your growing business. But Moosend just provides a few functionalities that are useful for your needs. You could feel the need for further features to assist your expanding business after purchasing Moosend. You won't find features in Moosend such as web push alerts, live web chats, conversion funnels, lead scoring, webinars, SMS, countdown timers, sponsored advertisements, dedicated IP, etc.

GetResponse was generally thought by marketers to be a costly email marketing platform. However, the reality is that costs decrease as contacts increase. Both Moosend and GetResponse provide affordable pricing options.

Go with Moosend if your company is new and you have a limited budget for email marketing. However, Getresponse is a fantastic option for your company if you already have a successful business and want a more sophisticated automation platform.

Which one to choose GetResponse or Moosend?

If you're still unsure about which email marketing platform to use, see our in-depth comparison of Moosend vs. GetResponse.

1. User Interface

Any expert may utilize Moosend and GetResponse with ease thanks to their user-friendly interfaces. However, Moosend offers an intuitive UI that even beginners can use. In Moosend, every feature is conveniently accessible.

What about GetResponse Interface?

GetResponse provides a more sophisticated platform that is lightweight and compatible with all browsers. You can create emails, forms, pop-ups, landing pages, add contacts, create an autoresponder, host webinars, and more all from a single dashboard. Its interface informs us of what is available in the system and how to implement it efficiently. The platform's speed and user interface both appeals to me.

2. Marketing Automation

To conduct an effective marketing strategy, you must go beyond email marketing. You'll need landing pages, workflows, autoresponders, web push notifications, conversion funnels, social media, and more to nurture leads and increase conversion.

The cutting-edge marketing automation tool is offered by GetResponse. You may design triggers using its user-friendly automation workflow builder based on events such as contact addition, contact opening or clicking a link, contact making a purchase, contact abandoning a basket, contact visiting a certain URL, contact being relocated or copied from another list, and more. GetResponse offers all the tools needed to operate a company successfully.

However, Moosend offers a simple and constrained automation methodology that is enough for novices. You could need additional automation options as you expand. A straightforward drag-and-drop editor is offered by both programs for creating automation workflows. Additionally, you will receive an integrated workflow template to simplify your work.

The champion in marketing automation is without a doubt GetResponse.

3. Landing Pages and Signup Forms

For drawing visitors and collecting subscriber details, Moosend features a fantastic selection of landing pages and customizable registration forms. You will receive landing pages for webinars, ebooks, lead generation, and other things. Excellent registration form choices are available from Moosend, including a floating bar, floating box, full-page, inline-form, modal pop-up, and more.

However, GetResponse offers 200+ landing pages that are mobile-friendly and effectively convert visitors into paying clients. Outstanding signup and landing page designs are available from Moosend and GetResponse. While GetResponse very sporadically refreshes landing page designs, Moosend frequently updates landing page themes.

4. List Segmentation

In order to increase your audience and income, list segmentation is essential. List segmentation options are robust and straightforward in both Moosend and GetResponse. However, GetResponse offers greater segmentation and personalization possibilities, including lead scoring, behavioral patterns, engagement scores, lead source, and lead information.

5. A/B Testing

For A/B testing, Moosend offers three alternatives for the email subject line, content, and sender. You will, however, find five advanced A/B testing tools in GetResponse, including the subject line, from the field, email content, sender name, and delivery time. You can accomplish a lot more with GetResponse's A/B testing feature.

GetResponse is the greatest tool for experimentation if you love testing or often evaluate your email marketing efforts.

6. Inbuilt Templates

You may launch your campaign quickly using one of the many design sets in the GetResponse template library. The template collection includes email templates, landing page templates, website templates, social media advertisement templates, and even whole conversion funnel templates with consistent branding.

Additionally, Moosend offers top-notch email, landing page, and signup form templates. But these won't be included in the template collection because Moosend doesn't offer a website builder, social advertisements, or conversion funnel. These templates are ready to use; all you need to do is update the content and launch the campaign.

7. Conversion Funnels

One of GetResponse's biggest features is a conversion funnel. You may follow your leads' purchasing journeys thanks to these tools. Each customer's progress through the conversion funnel may be followed. You may utilize the GetResponse conversion funnel template that is already created. You may check with the conversion funnel.
  • How many visitors entered your site?
  • How many got converted?
  • How many people clicked on your products?
  • How many people become customers after viewing the product page?
  • How many people repeat visitors or customers?
However, Moosend does not provide these practical features. Aside from email marketing, these are the other elements you need to expand your firm.

8. Webinars

With GetResponse's webinar software, you can create interactive webinars, invite subscribers to join, and follow up automatically all from the dashboard. You no longer need to rely on third-party webinar systems like Webx, GoTo Meeting, Blue Jeans, WebinarJam, Livestorm, etc. thanks to these built-in webinar functionalities.

limitless webinars to host
  • Get a space that can hold up to 1,000 live people.
  • You and two other presenters will share the stage.
  • 20 hours of webinar recordings will be stored for you.
9. Live Web Chat

You will find a web chat feature in GetResponse where you may speak with your online customers directly and increase sales. Web chat is a fantastic tool for increasing website conversion rates. You may increase sales and revenue for your online business with the aid of a fast conversation and pre-written responses.

This is another crucial component that the Moosend must have. There is no live web chat option on Moosend.

10. Email Deliverability

Email deliverability is more significant than features when it comes to email marketing. In the market, GetResponse and Moosend provide excellent email deliverability. But when you contrast GetResponse's email deliverability with that of Moosend, GetResponse outperforms Moosend in terms of inbox placement.

No email marketing software can provide a delivery rate of 100%. Your email marketing efforts, email list, content, and a number of other variables all play a role. You can get normal email deliverability from both tools.

11. Customer Support

Excellent customer assistance is provided by Moosend and GetResponse. Support is available by phone, email, and chat on both platforms. Many of our clients have remarked that Moosend provides customer care considerably more quickly than GetResponse. However, it varies from client to customer. Both tools include a dedicated support manager who is available to assist you around the clock.

12. Paid Ads Campaigns

Through GetResponse, you may run, manage, and track sponsored advertisements. It is compatible with Facebook, Instagram, and Google advertisements. You can easily create an advertising campaign and monitor the effectiveness of your campaign with GetResponse paid ads.

On the other hand, Moosend lacks these characteristics. For this reason, Moosend and GetResponse both describe themselves as a streamlined email marketing platform and an all-in-one marketing automation platform.

13. Website Builder

Create a beautiful website with the drag-and-drop editor in GetResponse. This helpful tool enables you to quickly construct a website if you don't already have one. If you are just starting out and need all the functionality, GetResponse is the ideal option for you.

Although Moosend lacks a website builder, you may utilize its landing page builder to increase traffic and create leads.

14. Web Push Notification

Another capability available in the contemporary email marketing platform is this one. A web push notification system from GetResponse improves website traffic and conversion. You may draw people and turn them into customers when they are surfing other websites with the use of web push notifications.

Moosend doesn't offer a web push notification system. However, it may be used easily by adding third-party tools to your website.

15. Dedicated IP

There is a dedicated IP option in GetResponse. That only applies to the Max plan; if you send a lot of emails, a dedicated IP is your best bet for increasing email deliverability.

While there is no dedicated IP option in Moosend. However, it has a fantastic email infrastructure that can send emails in large quantities with strong email deliverability.

Final thoughts on Moosend vs. GetResponse

GetResponse vs Moosend

It's time to choose between GetResponse and Moosend now that you are aware of what each has to offer.

Choosing the best email marketing platform for your company might be challenging because there are so many options available. This comparison was created so you can determine which tool's features and cost best suit your business's requirements and spending limit.

GetResponse is a preferable option for digital agencies, eCommerce, and big and medium-sized businesses that want an all-in-one solution for their email marketing, CRM, conversion funnels, sponsored advertisements, webinars, and automated campaigns, according to the report's findings.

Small companies, affiliate marketers, independent contractors, bloggers, and publishers who are just starting out with their email marketing may choose Moosend.

Now, the choice is totally up to you and your needs. Moosend is the way to go if you're on a limited budget and only require email marketing. GetResponse is a great option if you need more sophisticated marketing options and client engagement, though.