3 Best Email Marketing Software to Grow Your Business

3 Best Email Marketing Software

Email Marketing Software can help you keep your audience informed and interested in your image and your contribution. Additionally, it will help you turn once-buyers into devoted brand advocates and window shoppers into paying consumers.

There are a lot more uses for email marketing software than merely sending and tracking emails. The program becomes a potent tool for expanding your clientele and generating more income when combined with tools to segment your lists, build your audience, and merge all of your marketing platforms.

What is Email marketing?

Email Marketing Software is a form of direct marketing in which you utilize communications to establish relationships with your audience and sell them goods or services.

Advanced Marketing Automation

For your subscribers, automation enables you to build highly customized experiences by triggering emails depending on actions such as opens, clicks, website interaction, and more. Reach your client's inbox by segmenting your subscriber list and choosing the appropriate customer to target with relevant emails.

1 GetResponse

GetResponse offers a free plan that gives you access to its basic email marketing software mark features together with the site designer, welcome page makers, and information exchange frameworks, as well as storage for 500 contacts.
GetResponse Email Marketing Software

For maintaining leads through automated email successions, most businesses view marketing automation as a GetResponse tool. And keeping in mind that email marketing software is an amazing application for marketing automation, this approach might prompt a disconnected encounter for prospects and clients as they go from promoting, to deals, to client assistance.

There is a 30-day free trial period after which you must sign up for one of their three premium programs. Although you may save an infinite number of contacts for free, you will need to pay more if you email more than the stated limit. If you pay yearly, the first two options are 10% less expensive. Click Here: 4 Selling Products by GetResponse

Below are the first eight tiers of plans available:

  • 0 to 500 subscribers: Free
  • 501 to 1,000 subscribers: $15 per month
  • 1,001 to 2,500 subscribers: $23 per month
  • 2,500 to 5,000 subscribers: $44 per month
  • 5,0001 to 10,000 subscribers: $64 per month
  • 11,001 to 25,000 subscribers: $142 per month
  • 26,001 to 50,000 subscribers: $245 per month
  • 51,001 to 100,000 subscribers: $441 per month

2. Moosend

Moosend is the most affordable solution, not only because its premium plans are more affordable than the majority of those offered on the market, but also because you can choose to pay either by the number of subscribers or the volume of emails sent, whichever is most affordable for you. The ease of use of its features makes it simple to send your audience captivating emails at the proper moments.

Moosend Email Marketing Software

Moosend offers a Pro Plan and an Enterprise plan with tiered pricing. Contact Moosend to learn how much the Enterprise package will cost. The Pro Plan's price is based on the number of clients. The monthly cost is shown above; however, if you pay annually, you'll save 20%. If you're a nonprofit organization, you'll also get a 25% discount. Click Here: GetResponse vs Moosend

Moosend's comprehensive workflows and cutting-edge list segmentation make it the ideal email marketing software program for e-commerce companies. This combination results in subscribers receiving timely follow-ups based on their interactions with your emails and tailored email marketing software that is prompted by their purchase habits on your website.

Below are the first 6 plans available:
  • 0 to 500 subscribers: $9 per month
  • 501 to 1,000 subscribers: $16 per month
  • 1,001 to 2,000 subscribers: $24 per month
  • 2,001 to 3,000 subscribers: $32 per month
  • 3,001 to 5,000 subscribers: $48 per month
  • 5,001 to 8,000 subscribers: $64 per month

3. Pabbly

You will wind up saving a lot of money by sending emails with Pabbly Email Marketing Software since it is far more economical than other email marketing services.

The best automation software, Pabbly Connect, offers connectors across different programs to automate company operations. You may combine it with a variety of programs related to your use of CRM, sales, marketing, productivity, and other programs.

Pabbly Connect is a strong and top automation platform that provides integrations across 1000+ applications. It lets you automate your business processes without manual efforts and zero coding skills.

Pabbly Connect has 3 different plans:

  • Standard at $13.00 per month.
  • PRO at $27.00 per month.
  • Advance at $55.00 per month.

What Does Email Marketing Software Cost?

Depending on how many contacts you have, software for email marketing frequently provides different options. Frequently, the least costly option is free or $50 per month. Your monthly cost for the most costly bundle might be in the hundreds of dollars. The majority of systems provide at least a two-week free trial and offer discounts to customers who pay annually.

The amount you spend depends on the services you need and how frequently you use an email marketing software. This is because the majority of software-based costs are either on the number of emails sent or saved in the database. As a result, it's important to carefully watch your actions to see if your monthly costs are increasing.