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Most individuals mistakenly assume that all it takes to gain a lot of views and subscribers on YouTube is to just submit videos. However, we'll present you with statistics that will outline the actions necessary to expand your YouTube channel. The expansion of your channel is influenced by several things. These include the sort of material you produce, pinpointing your niche, SEO, and—most importantly—creating engaging films that appeal to your target audience. Click Here to Email Marketing Grow Your YouTube Channel 

In our database at TubeBuddy, we have access to 3.5 million YouTube users. Here are some crucial statistics that you should be aware of after reviewing the data. The average number of uploads for channels with 1,000–10,000 subscribers is 152. 418 uploads are typical for channels with 10,000–100,000 members. The average number of uploads for channels with 100,000 to 1 million subscribers is 1171, while the average number for channels with 1 million or more users is 3873.

This information is crucial since it may show you where you are and whether you need to post more material in order to gain the most exposure.

This indicates that the users are already there; all you need to do is locate the appropriate information to lead you in the direction you desire. The Search Explorer and Keyword Explorer tools from TubeBuddy will assist you in finding chances to appear in searches. Evergreen content is an excellent form of video to create if you're just starting out.

This kind of film is relevant all year long, similar to an evergreen tree, which increases views. How-to videos, tutorials, and case studies are common types of material for evergreen videos.

You may get started by using the Keyword Explorer feature on TubeBuddy. We entered "grow on YouTube" as our keyword for this example. The weighted score tab contains a wealth of useful information. *Take note that a Pro or higher level license is required in order to view the weighted score.

You should pay attention to the "You vs. Top Ranked Videos" area. This informs you of the typical number of views you'll require to appear on the first page of search results. If that amount exceeds your typical views, you should change your phrase.

In order to comply with YouTube's recommendations, we'll edit once more and update our term to "how to expand on YouTube in 2020 - info you need to know." It has a title that is interesting and searchable. The searchable portion of the title in this instance is "how to grow on YouTube."

After you've given your video a title, you need to consider other videos that may draw viewers in. Knowing the required average uploads will be helpful in this situation. In this manner, you can focus your videos on subjects that both you and your viewers prefer. Click Here GetResponse vs Moosend - Email Marketing Software

15 Best Ways to Grow Your YouTube Channel

It goes without saying that gaining momentum on the platform may provide you a massive audience reach and have a favorable influence on your business since YouTube is the second-largest search engine, only behind Google.

1. Have A Clear Channel Focus

Make sure your channel has a defined direction. This also holds true for the type of videos that will make up the majority of your material as well as the subject(s) you will concentrate on with your channel.

Users of YouTube are considerably more inclined to subscribe to a channel with a distinct and dependable offering than they are to one that appears to bounce from subject to subject without a clear focus.

2. Brand Your Channel

If you want to make a lasting impression on visitors to your channel, you need to make it look good. Here are the simple steps to do just that:

  • Create a brand account on YouTube to have access to the platform's crucial metrics (more on that later)
  • Include your contact information and other social media accounts so that visitors may connect with you in the manner of their choice.
  • To assist visitors to discover more about your brand, complete the about part of your profile (including relevant keywords where appropriate).
  • Include a channel trailer; this is a fantastic way to introduce yourself to viewers and set their expectations for your channel.
  • Add a channel icon or logo; if you don't have one already, there are several online tools you may use to create one.
  • Include a stunning YouTube banner to help you rapidly describe your company (and your channel).

3. Create Content for Your Audience (Not just yourself)

You should absolutely produce material for yourself if you're only using your videos for enjoyment. However, if you want to have the best chance of creating a successful channel, you need to provide material that your target audience finds interesting and consumes well.

4. Discover What People Are Searching For

Examining what people are already looking for on YouTube is the greatest method to come up with popular themes. You may learn a lot about keyword search volume, related terms, and keyword competitiveness via TubeBuddy's keyword explorer tool. all crucial components for selecting the appropriate themes.

5. Optimize Your Videos (SEO)

Your videos must be optimized if you want to offer them the best chance of receiving views and ranking well.

6. Be Consistent

Consistently posting your videos to your channel will encourage visitors to check them out again.

7. Design ‘Clickworthy’ Thumbnails

90% of the top-performing videos on YouTube, according to YouTube, have personalized thumbnails. Create thumbnails that YouTube visitors will click on if you want to have a successful channel and videos.

8. Utilize YouTube End Screens

You may add end screens to the final 20 seconds of your video on YouTube. You ought to use them in the following ways:

9. Improve Your Watch Time

The major goal of YouTube is to retain users on the site. Therefore, if you can assist them in doing this, they will reward you (as well as your films!).

10. Use Insights From YouTube Analytics

It should go without saying, but it's crucial that you often review your video analytics to determine the status of your channel, how well (and poorly) certain content is performing, where there is potential for expansion, and much more.

11. Do More of What Works

Your statistics should give you a feel of the video formats and subjects that are most successful for you.

12. Test Where You Can

Tests should be conducted whenever feasible to determine whether you can make your films run more smoothly (and grow your channel).

13. Jump into The Comments

The significance of actually interacting with your community and video viewers is something that is frequently overlooked. Engaging your audience increases the likelihood that they will identify with you, subscribe to your channel, and share your videos.

14. Share Your YouTube Videos On Different Channels

After they go live, share your new YouTube videos on your existing channels to give them an initial boost. This can include your social media accounts and email list.

15. Create A Video Series

It can be difficult to convert one-time viewers into subscribers at times, but making a video series is one strategy that might assist (or multiple).