5 Amazing Coffee Facts Everyone Should Know

Do you enjoy coffee? Many people do not begin their day without a cup of coffee in the morning. Coffee aficionados feel that coffee provides them with a true need for energy and helps them get through the day. 

Organic Coffee
It's no surprise that over 1 billion people worldwide consume coffee on a regular basis. The National Coffee Association of the United States of America performed research that yielded the following results.

Every year, around 110-120 million bags of coffee are manufactured worldwide; 64% of American adults today consume coffee every day; 66% of women drink coffee every day, compared to 62% of men; and 79% of Americans brew coffee at home. 

According to some coffee enthusiasts, regular coffee use might provide some health advantages and help avoid liver cancer.

With such knowledge, it is evident that coffee has grown in popularity among those who enjoy it. The reality is that coffee enthusiasts choose the brand and type of coffee they wish to consume. So, how about you? Do you have a favorite brand or type of coffee?

1. Coffee contains extremely low acid

Some coffees, not to mention them, have extremely high levels of acid. Take note that when a person consumes a very acidic beverage, they feel divorced from reality. They could see, hear, or sense things that aren't there. They may also experience powerful emotions. Its effects might be felt for up to 12 hours. 

This is not the case with Coffee because it contains very little acid. In practice, the coffee does not upset the stomach in any way, whether it is black, light, medium, or espresso. Aside from decreasing stomach acid levels, it also aids digestion. because it has been delicately roasted and organically dried.

2. Coffee is clean and safe

Each batch of coffee is roasted on demand at Coffee. We recommend waiting seven days after roasting before boiling the coffee to allow it to thoroughly de-gas. 

As a result, the time it takes for the coffee to de-gas to achieve the ideal flavor corresponds exactly with the time it takes to ship, ensuring that you receive the cleanest and freshest coffee possible. As long as you brew it right, it is pure with very little bitterness. It is a brand you can feel good about purchasing. 

It is dedicated to the fair and ethical commerce of sustainably grown coffee. Its primary goal is to provide the healthiest coffee available. If you care about the environment and your body, we recommend trying coffee.

"As a mom and full-time nutritional coach, I worry about the quality of the foods I eat in my body," Andrea Taylor, CNC, CSNC, Coffee user, said. Quality goes both ways. 

One of the primary reasons I like Lifeboost is that not only is it of the quality I would desire for myself, but I can confidently offer it to clients looking for an "upgrade" from their existing coffee brand. With coffee, you can practically taste the quality; I definitely suggest it! I really like the company's mission—definitely something I can support! "

3. Coffee is a natural product

It is cultivated without synthetic chemicals and does not include genetically modified organisms like organic coffee (GMOs). That is to say, it is completely chemical-free. It's worth noting that it's gluten-free, a chemical responsible for the elastic structure of dough that causes celiac disease. And there's more. 

The coffee is tested for mycotoxins, which are dangerous substances generated by fungi that can cause disease and death in humans and other animals.

Erin Nielsen PT, CHC, a coffee consumer, said, "My favorite day to start the day. I love knowing it's fair organic!" I'm a coffee connoisseur, and this is the ideal robust flavor that isn't harsh.

4. Coffee is a shade-grown crop

Organic Coffee

Shade-grown coffee is cultivated under a sun-filtering canopy, which increases the coffee bean's quality for a variety of reasons. 

The trees give shade from the sun to the coffee plants. It allows the beans to develop more slowly. It allows them to become more nutrient-rich, denser, and stiffer than non-shade-grown coffee beans. It implies that the final coffee product will be significantly more nutrient-rich and flavorful.

The trees that shade the coffee provide additional benefits, such as the leaves that fall from the branches of the trees providing a naturally occurring source of nutrients for the coffee plants. When the leaves decay, they form part of the soil in which the coffee plants develop. It aids in increasing the nutritional density of coffee plants. 

Furthermore, the falling leaves shield the coffee plants from weed development. The fallen leaves function as a "mulch," making it difficult to develop fresh seeds from other plants. It implies that more nutrients in the soil are easily available for the coffee plants to consume, which will boost the nutrient richness of the coffee beans when fully mature.

5. Coffee has a unique origin

All of the beans originate from the same farm as a single origin. It contributes to ensuring that each bean in your coffee is of the same excellent quality as the others. It also implies that all of the beans are exactly prepared and roasted in the same manner. 

It prevents the other beans from mingling, which might alter the flavor of your coffee and introduce unwanted substances such as mycotoxins, which may be found in various coffee beans.

"Single origin, organic, low acidity, and pure coffee is one of the most exquisite tastebud pleasers you will ever find in your life," Gencho Ivanov, LMT, MAT, a coffee drinker, said. Try it black, with organic cinnamon, coconut oil, and honey. For myself and my family, coffee is the best option, and we promote it to everyone we know. Cheer!

To summarize, coffee is by far the highest quality coffee in the world due to its exceptionally low acidity, chemical-free nature, and outstanding taste, which undoubtedly helps improve the immune system.