7 Incredible Health Products for Athletes

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Our line of ultra-premium, all-natural nutrition products have been developed and tested by athletes for athletes and are guaranteed to transform the way you train and race. You've worked hard, don't let your nutrition choices keep you off the podium.

Welcome to Carborocket . The founder, Brad Keyes, an enthusiastic persevering athlete, in a real sense, couldn't stomach anything during training and racing. Come race day, vomit was practically ensured and he frequently wound up nestled into torment. 

As opposed to surrendering the deep-rooted energy he chose to make a move. In the wake of sorting out whether it was his nourishment that was causing the issue, Keyes started his excursion of exploring and talking with top nutritionists and exercise physiologists.

This drove him to test ingredients, and formulations and eventually make their most memorable item, Carborocket. At long last, something that could be involved the entire day for hydration, fuel, and electrolytes without the negative secondary effects. 

He didn't stop there. He and the Carborocket group have fostered a variety of premium sustenance items trusted by competitors, both novice and expert, who endeavor to arrive at their power disregarding the obstructions.

In this article, let us find out about the Carborocket items for both Amateur and Professional Athletes, and look at their health benefits. Keep on reading. Here we go.

1. Rocket Red - Pre-Race/Workout Superfoods Drink

The Rocket Red is an all-natural and plant-based nitric oxide supporter. It is formed with logically explored and tested ingredients to assist you with preparing more diligently, racing quicker, and recuperating speedier.

Each serving provides the following:

  • 2 grams Carnosyn - The only patented, research-proven form of Beta-Alanine. Over 55 Clinical research studies. Clinically proven to decrease the discomfort of muscle burn, delay muscle fatigue, extend endurance and maximize strength gains;
  • 1000mg Tart Cherry Juice - Montmorency Tart Cherry Juice Powder, maximum anthocyanins. Powerful anti-inflammatory reduces muscle damage during activity leading to quicker recovery. Also decreases muscle pain during activity and promotes restful sleep;
  • 6 grams Beetroot Juice - Not just any beetroot, 2-3 times more betanin than other beetroot juice powders. 1 serving provides the same benefit as drinking 25oz of fresh beet juice! Metabolizes into nitric oxide in the body, dilating blood vessels, improving blood flow and allowing the body to use less oxygen, increasing endurance and stamina;
  • 1000mg Pomegranate juice - Naturally rich in nitrates, pomegranate juice helps boost nitric oxide, increasing blood flow and time to exhaustion. It's also a powerful anti-inflammatory delaying muscle soreness while shortening recovery times;
  • 3 grams L-Citrulline Malate 2:1 - Delays onset of fatigue during intense training. Helps the body recycle lactic acid and turn it into energy.

“I can't say that it has made me perform better, I'm not racing at this point but ride a trail frequently that I use a Garmin to see what my average speed is. I use it for vasodilation which seems to have dropped my blood pressure, and for the antioxidants. Tart cherry and pomegranate are also supposed to help drop uric acid levels” - Ken S.

2. 333 - Half Evil All-In-One Endurance Drink

Now and then eating food during a race or training can be tormenting! Have you at any point battled attempting to eat solid food at a race pace? At any point dropped a gel pack or spilled gel on yourself? Can we just be real - attempting to get an adequate number of calories into your system can have the effect of winning and in any event, wrapping up!

Half Evil, with 333 calories for every serving, was planned to give the essential nourishment and hydration for your longest, hardest days. 333 is the most strong, complete, and powerful perseverance fuel accessible. Demonstrated as an independent race and training fuel, there's a compelling reason to issue with muddled gels, gooey chewy candies, costly bars, or ungainly food. Simply drink 333 and endlessly go!

The benefits are:

  • Mixes instantly;
  • All natural, gluten-free;
  • Simplifies your training and race nutrition;
  • Black Cherry, Half Naked, and Cold Brew are VEGAN;
  • 50mg of caffeine (lemonade, raspberry, and cold brew);
  • 333 calories in 1 bottle that tastes and drinks like 100 calories;
  • 4500mg blend of Branched Chain Amino Acids and L-Glutamine.

“This is a quality formula with dense enough calories and fuel to keep you sustained” - Montgomery M. 

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3. CarboRocket - Hydration Electrolyte Drink

CarboRocket - Hydration Electrolyte Drink is all natural and all performance. It gives your body speedy hydration to prepare longer and race farther. Hydrate with the fundamentals your body needs previously and during exercise. Explicitly figured out to be a stomach well disposed, and won't cause GI trouble.   

You don't necessarily in all cases need many calories to help you through an exercise or race, and at times you simply need genuine food. Get your hydration and electrolytes from CarboRocket. It blends in a flash and tastes so light and reviving you can drink it day in and day out.

The benefits of this product are:

  • All Natural - Vegan - Gluten-free;
  • Tastes Great - Lightly flavored, not too sweet;
  • Caffeine - PineappleMango contains 35 mg of caffeine per serving;
  • Mix instantly - Even in cold water! Easiest mixing drink available;
  • The only drink that still goes down smooth after 12 hours of racing;
  • Full spectrum of electrolytes - Sodium, magnesium, potassium, and calcium;
  • 2:1 ratio of Maltodextrin to Fructose - Research has proven to let you digest 50% more carbs;
  • More sodium - The 1st hydration drink on the market to use 300+ mg of sodium per serving.

“Been using it for a few years. My son plays baseball and we find this product to be much better than Gatorade-type products. With the amino it keeps him going game after game” - John H. 

4. RocketLytes - Electrolyte Capsules with Ginger and Peppermint (60 caps)   

RocketLytes - Electrolyte Capsules with Ginger and Peppermint are ginger and peppermint powdered electrolytes containers.

Ask any perseverance competitor what their greatest apprehension is and most will answer something similar - muscle spasms and stomach issues on race day. 

It's the perseverance of a competitor's oddity; you want calories and fluids for ideal execution, however, that equivalent fuel and fluid in addition to serious actual work (particularly in intensity) can unleash destruction on your body and ruin your day.

Pulverize your apprehension and crush your race with RocketLyte's extraordinary design of spasm-killing electrolytes and stomach-alleviating peppermint and ginger. This item has the accompanying advantages:

  • Buffer acid;
  • Aid digestion;
  • Aid hydration;       
  • Soothe stomach;
  • Hangover cure;
  • Reduce heat stress;
  • Reduce inflammation;
  • Prevent muscle cramps.

“Have taken these a couple of times and they are great for keeping the cramps away and maintaining hydration. As a bonus, these really helped me during my last rally with an upset stomach. That ginger/peppermint helped my stomach calm down and allowed me to finish strong!” - Shane W. 

5. Rehab - Post Workout Recovery Drink

A frequently disregarded part of training and racing is recuperation. After a hard exercise or race, it's significant to recharge muscle glycogen and start fixing muscle harm at the earliest opportunity. There's a little window of time to take care of your muscles to boost recuperation and gains. 

The quicker you can get handily processed carbs and protein to your muscles the quicker and better you can do everything over once more. Renew, modify and recuperate with Rehab.

These are the benefits:

  • Replenish muscle glycogen and rebuild muscle tissue quicker;
  • Recover faster and support your immune system;
  • All-natural - gluten-free - lactose-free;
  • Mixes instantly and is seriously delicious.

“I am a huge fan of Rehab. Not only does it taste amazing, but I definitely notice a difference when I use it on back-to-back big ride days. Both flavors are excellent” - Dave B. 

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6. CR Water Bottles In 21 And 24 Ounce Size

It is made in the USA. with 21 or 24 oz big mouth bottles, it is super squeezy, super leakproof, and super rad.

“Purist water bottle is a staple at any event for good reasons, neck works flawlessly easy to open, great flow and is leak free when closed, no plastic taste gets in the fuel, and they are easy to clean and the solid color has a transparent stripe the length of the bottle to show you fuel level. 

CR rocket bottle comes in a very distinctive and unapologetic pink! Awesome!. After a very little deliberation, I chose 24 oz, but I wish they had the 26 oz or even something a little bigger still. 

I get that they need to fit most frames but I am tall and my sweat rate gets up to nearly 30oz./ hour at tempo and just below threshold in SoCal, Pros, and Elites were definitely running 26oz plus size bottles last weekend. I love rocking the pink bidons but wish they were bigger” - Leigh N. 

7. Shroom Sport

Shroom Sport takes plant-based protein to a higher level with the expansion of PeakO2 mushroom mix. PeakO2 is a licensed forthcoming, 6-mushroom adaptogenic mix comprising Cordyceps, Reishi, Shiitake, Trumpet, Lion's Mane, and Turkey Tail. 

Outsider twofold visually impaired examinations have shown that PeakO2 gives critical perseverance and endurance benefits by further developing oxygen use and work limit while diminishing lactate, assisting competitors with preparing longer and harder.

Research has shown the accompanying advantages after consuming 28 grams of PeakO2 more than a little while:

  • 11% increase in VO2 max;
  • 8% increase in time to exhaustion;
  • 8% increase in relative peak power;
  • 41% increase in the ventilatory threshold.

“Shroom sport has been amazing, to say the least, and has far exceeded my expectations. My endurance has increased significantly over the past couple of weeks and it feels like I always have gas in the tank and never hit a wall. No matter how fatigued I get during a workout I'm always able to find an extra gear and pick up the pace” - James H.

In conclusion, Carborocket products are destined to be all-natural and plant-based nitric oxide boosters. They are formulated with scientifically researched and tested ingredients to give vital sustenance and hydration and assist you with preparing more diligently, racing quicker, and recuperating faster.