5 Awesome Advantages of Solo Music Gear DIY Guitar

DIY Guitar

A survey found that the proportions of guitar and piano players worldwide are about equal at 40% each. There are just as many males as female guitarists in the US and the UK.

According to statistics, guitar and piano are now equally popular with both men and women. In the United States, around 1.6 million acoustic guitars were sold in 2020, up from 1.54 million in 2019. According to different research, 72% of people claimed they bought a guitar to improve themselves or become proficient in another key skill.

After hearing about these studies, you might be thinking about purchasing one. If such is the case, I advise you to attempt to purchase a DIY guitar from Solo Music Gear. Purchasing a DIY guitar from Solo Music Gear has a lot of benefits. For more information, keep reading.

1. Solo Music Gear DIY Guitar is extensively less expensive.

Why is the price lower? Actually, it doesn't come packaged or ready-made. The kits may be purchased for less money. In reality, the amazing thing about this product is that there are many kits available when you want to get a DIY guitar. One may freely choose based on what their ideal guitar suggests.

The customer can select from a variety of guitar kit options, including electric guitar kits, bass guitar kits, double neck guitar kits, mandolin kits, ukulele kits, solderless guitar kits, and violin kits.

A guitar kit will include all of the necessary components for the specific type of guitar. This includes the machine heads (tuners), pickups, extension, pickguard (if applicable), and all screws, strap buttons, and necessary covers. The kit includes everything you need to build your own DIY fantasy guitar. You can replicate it using the kit and then have it. It's worth the money after you've finished building it.

This is what sets this product apart. You may order a body of either Finished Bodies or Unfinished Bodies to enjoy more. The neck differs as well. Bass Necks, Fingerboards, or Guitar Necks are all examples. Carving Knives & Chisels; Clamps CNC Bits; Drill Bits; Files & Rasps; Fretting Tools; Gauges; Guitar Finishing Supplies; Guitar Tech Kits; Inlays & Bindings; Misc; Pliers; Power Tools; Product Bundles; Router Bits; Routing Templates; Sanding Tools; Saw Blades; Scrapers; String Winders; and Wrenches are examples of Luthier Supplies.

Bridges & Tailpieces, Electronics, Guitar Hardware, Hardware Packs, Knobs, Machine Heads; Nuts, Pins & Saddles, legal Parts Pickguards & Brackets, Pickups, Strap Buttons & Locks are some of the parts available.

Acoustic Strings, Banjo Strings, Bass Strings, Classical Strings, Electric Guitar Strings, Mandolin Strings, and Ukulele Strings are all available. Amplifiers, Apparel, Audio, Bar Stools, Cables & Adaptors, Capos, Drums, Guitar Care, Guitar Tools, Guitar Wireless, Misc Accessories, Pedals, Picks, Recording, Slides, Stands, Straps, and Tuners are some of the accessories available. And it's either Guitar Bags or Guitar Cases for Guitar Cases.

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2. Solo Music Gear DIY Guitar develops one’s creativity.

It implies you may personalize individual sections of the instrument. You may, for example, personalize the wood type, hardware, pickups, and after asking them. Its kits include everything you need to construct and customize your instrument. 

As a result, users will have the opportunity to employ their imagination as they complete the guitar, fostering creativity. The intricate woodworking and fretwork have already been completed for you. You may finish the instrument in any manner you like, whether with paint, stain, lacquer, or oil.

DIY Guitar

3. Solo Music Gear DIY Guitar develops a sense of ownership. 

When you start working with your instrument, you can truly make it your own. Everything from the finishing tone to the designs, plans, inscriptions, and so on is your creativity. It is now your masterpiece. A masterpiece is the work of an artist who has been consumed by the spirit of his or her times and has the ability to transform an individual experience into a wider one.

My kid assembled this kit and enjoys it. I performed the wiring, and he handled everything else. A wonderful project for a 16-year-old. The nut did sit a little high, and we had to remove it and sand down the groove to get the action set right, but I wasn't expecting perfection for the price. 

My son preferred raw wood and only used mineral oil after sanding. He's had a lot of inquiries about it and enjoys telling people about how he built it.

4. Solo Music Gear DIY Guitar increases your valuable knowledge.

You will get essential knowledge about how a guitar is manufactured by assembling the pieces of the guitar. You'll see all of the components laid out in front of you, and it'll be your task to put them all together. The more you practice, the greater your comprehension will get. The entire experience will wow you along the way. 

You will have a greater appreciation for Antonio Torres Jurado as one of the main innovators throughout the history of the guitar. As the creator of the sophisticated acoustic guitar design, he enabled many musicians and music listeners to connect with the modern instruments that we know and love today.

5. Solo Music Gear DIY Guitar develops a sense of pride. 

It implies that once you've finished assembling all of the guitar's parts, you'll be able to take pleasure in your work and claim, "I did it myself, and there's no other identical copy instrument out there." Your guitar will be one-of-a-kind, and you may emphasize that distinction in any manner you like.

We felt it was quite amazing when Christiane came in and told us she wanted to create her fiance Victor a Geddy Lee replica bass as a surprise. We couldn't believe it when they came up weeks later with the completed result. The attention to detail is outstanding, from kit to masterpiece, not to mention the case.

Finally, obtaining a Solo Music Gear DIY Guitar has several advantages. It is significantly less expensive. It fosters creativity, a sense of ownership, and a sense of accomplishment. And if you're one of the million people on the earth who wishes they had one. Bingo! It's because the your-heavenly-blessing DIY guitar is available at Solo Music Guitar.