3 Must-Have EMF Protection Products for Babies

EMF Protection

Our whole world is completely and fundamentally dependent on EMF-emitting inventions. An electromagnetic field (EMF) is a moving field of electrical charges. Some EMFs, particularly those containing ionizing radiation, can be hazardous.

You can't get rid of EMF, whether you're talking about light bulbs, mobile phones, wifi routers, or electrical wires. That, however, is not the end of the narrative. Because there are more secure ways to use this invention – to live a better life in a world surrounded by man-made EMF.

Dr. Martin Blank, his father, is the driving force. R Blank was motivated to create Shield Your Body with one goal in mind: to make it easier for people to live healthier lives in light of modern technology. 

Because newborns are considered to be among the most vulnerable humans. He created devices to protect newborns from EMF radiation emitted by contemporary technology.

1. SYB Baby Blanket

The SYB Baby Blanket is a comfortable and hypoallergenic delicate cotton wool blanket that is fastened with 18% silver and filters up to 99.9% of wireless radiation. It makes it simple to protect your child from harmful EMF radiation emitted by distant devices. 

It is the consequence of science, not superstition. They use universally accepted logical principles to protect your youngster. Each blanket is weaved with a thin silver string that frames a safeguard to encircle and protect your kid.

It is made up of three layers. The two outer layers are made of cotton wool created in the United States and dyed with non-toxic dyes. 

A sheet of clear clean unbleached cotton texture without synthetics in the center is woven with small silver wire to form a protective lattice between the two layers of wool. Furthermore, it is stitched together in Canada with excellent workmanship that is guaranteed for life.

What else is there to it? The SYB Baby Blanket can also protect pregnant women. Wrap the Baby Blanket over your tummy when sitting or attempting to protect your baby in the belly. 

It is the primary EMF Baby Blanket created in the United States and Canada, with superior North American craftsmanship. Nothing less is acceptable for your child.

It couldn't be simpler to use their SYB Baby Blanket. Simply use it like you would any other cover. It's as simple as that! Furthermore, your child is now protected. 

Because their SYB Infant Blanket protects your baby rather than your electronics, they provide protection without interfering with the collection, execution, or battery life of your distant gadgets. 

It is machine washable and dryer safe. Hand washes in cold water or machine wash on the sensitive option. Tumble dry on low heat or air dry. Avoid ironing, twisting, wringing dry, bleaching, or dry cleaning.

2. SYB Baby Beanie

The SYB Infant Beanie protects your baby from up to 99.9% of hazardous EMF radiation emitted by mobile phones, computers, wi-fi, and other distant devices. 

You put the SYB Baby Beanie on your baby's head, and their noggin is protected wherever he or she goes. It employs cutting-edge science to protect your child from harmful EMF radiation.

Every Beanie is weaved with 35% silver string to create a barrier to redirect EMF radiation, much like a Faraday cage. It is non-toxic and hypoallergenic. It is made of a delicate, rich, lightweight, breathable, elastic cotton-based texture that is suitable for daily usage. 

The materials used include 35% silver, 45% cotton, and 20% nylon. It is available in a variety of sizes. It is available in five different sizes. Get the perfect fit for your growing baby's head.

EMF Protection

3. SYB Serenity Canopy

The SYB Serenity Canopy protects your entire body in whatever location you require. It's lightweight and simple to hang in any space, including your living room, workplace, or baby's nursery. It's ideal for rockers, loveseats, comprehension nooks, and even bunk beds. 

The Serenity Canopy, like their SYB Bed Canopy, is a research facility that tested 5G up to 26 GHz. It also protects you against WiFi, 4G, and Bluetooth—all of the distant EMF frequencies.

It also includes a floor mat for total 360-degree protection from hazardous EMF radiation. Unlike other EMF bed covers, the SYB Serenity Canopy includes a floor mat to keep you safe in every direction as you sleep. The 55.1′′ x 98.4′′ (140*250cm) floor mat is made of 30% treated steel, 30% polyester, and 40% cotton.

The king-size canopy comes with two mats, while the twin comes with one. The SYB Serenity Canopy does not require installation and comes with a roof mount kit for convenient setup. Furthermore, because each SYB Serenity Canopy weighs less than one pound, no additional roof support is required. The mounting pack includes:

  • 1 hook;
  • 1 screw;
  • 1 reinforced-tip 36″ cotton lace string for easy height adjustment

This EMF canopy is the easiest one to install, relocate, and monitor over time. It has been 5G tested up to 26 GHz. So you can rest easy knowing that you are protected not just from 3G, 4G, LTE, WiFi, and Bluetooth, but also from all of the upcoming 5G technology and receiving lines. 

It's composed of a luxurious, lightweight, breathable silver thread. Furthermore, it has superior stitching for strength.

It is simple to use. Simply install it. Simply go inside for a serene, protected environment. A slit in the design allows for one-handed access and escape. Furthermore, the provided floor mat ensures that you are protected on each journey. 

It is machine washable. Machine wash in cold water on a gentle cycle, or hand washes in cold water. Wash with similar tones. As it were, air dry. Avoid ironing, twisting, wringing, or dry cleaning.

Finally, in a world where every wireless gadget generates hazardous electromagnetic radiation. Protect your children with EMF protection products. Shield Your Body is pleased to announce the SYB Baby Blanket, SYB Baby Beanie, and SYB Serenity Canopy. "Tidy goods and prompt shipping." Thank you, SYB." - Tom Moly