14 Incredible Headphones with 5-Star Ratings by Linsoul


The founder of Linsoul realized that Hifi music listening should be inspirational and modernly stylish. It can be combined with sound quality and is stylish to express your music style.

With that acknowledgment, Linsoul keeps areas of strength for Chinese HiFi brands to offer a curated selection of the absolute best that Chi-Fi brings to the table. 

They likewise go above and beyond in giving customization benefits so you can get a particularly styled or exceptionally shaped IEM. Their central goal is to convey Hi-Fi items that outperform the standard regarding both sound quality and visual interest.

1. KZ GP20

KZ G20 gaming headset is built for individuals who appreciate playing games yet come up short on the sound quality that they want. 

This recently let headset out of KZ is the ideal one that not just has an over-ear design to keep outside commotion from diverting you from the game yet additionally includes 2.4Ghz remote Bluetooth innovation and as low as 30ms low inactivity to consider a smooth, slack-free activity that you can take with. Click Here

2. HarmonicDyne G200

HarmonicDyne G200 conveys a better-sounding sound to the everyday music lover. It has made its worldwide accomplishment through a few missions, including the Helios, Zeus, and Poseidon earphones. 

Each of these send-offs accomplished the blend of astounding acoustic execution, tailor-made craftsmanship, and financial plan agreeable reasonableness. It will proceed with the practice of designing and cautiously fabricating the best earphones that are available to each crowd. Click Here

3. HarmonicDyne Poseidon

With a recurrence reaction of 10Hz to 40kHz, the Poseidon presents an inconceivably broadened dynamic reach that is a long way past that which is distinguishable by the human ear. They needed to introduce a sound that was both exact and melodic. 

From the past Zeus model, the low-end has been additionally expanded, giving a more noteworthy sub-bass effect starting from 10Hz. Joined with the structural element of an open-back plan, the sound has a strange vaporous person and a similar soundstage.

The subsequent experience is a genuine subwoofer thunder that is both strong and speedy, because of the firmness of the nickel stomach driver. 

The responsiveness of the new driver likewise implies a more excellent lucidity and detail recovery in the mid-reach and high pitch. The Poseidon is acoustically ready to play back your music at the most extensive level of goal conceivable.

“The Poseidon is a comfortable headphone to wear and is less fatiguing to the ear. It is padded well with a velour ear cushion. That makes it well-breathable and prevents sweat. I use this as a computer audio accessory” - Antony John.

4. Hifiman Edition XS

Hifiman Edition XS is tuned by experts for a characteristic and unadulterated sound result. The pair gives you an encompassing sound inclination. It leaves you in wow with profound hitting bass reaction, exemplary lavish vocals, fiery high pitch, and a wide 3d soundstage. Partake in your #1 music with the extraordinary Hifiman Edition XS.

“I like this over the HE6se V2, and I really like that headphone. The housing literally shakes if you apply enough bass boost to it, and it doesn't distort. Needs a slight boost in mids and a slight cut in the highs, but otherwise, this is a stellar headphone for a very good price” - V.

5. Hifiman Deva Pro

Dissimilar to the sound waves made by a traditional magnet, the unique state of Stealth Magnets empowers the waves to go through the magnets without producing obstruction. 

HIFIMAN's high-level magnet configuration is acoustically straightforward, decisively diminishing wave diffraction disturbance that debases the respectability of the sound waves. The decreased mutilation yields an unadulterated sonic result that is exact and full-range.

Hifiman's Neo "super nano" Diaphragm (NsD)- The new NsD is 80% more slender than past plans, bringing about quick reaction and a definite picture with rich, full-reach sonics.

“These are definitely the best sounding wireless headphones in this price category, neutral to warmish bass with balanced mids and treble, the quality in detail does change with the different options you can use via the cables supplied. 

I prefer them wired unbalanced through my desktop DAC/AMP combo as compared to the R2R mini via USB, which is the next best option. 

One minor issue with the R2R is that it crackles with high-res audio files when switching between tracks. The only gripe I have with the headphones is the headband, it is a bit too loose and slides back and the pads although decent do get warm after a few hours, the only comparison I can make is to my Focal Clears. Sound-wise they are more neutral laid back but the Focals are more energetic and more detailed and very comfortable” - Patson Godinho. Click Here

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6. Blon BL-B60

Blon B60 is outfitted with a HiFi grade sound coding chip, alongside an enormous size 50mm beryllium-covered diaphragm. It can arrive at up to 20-20KHz expansive recurrence range, unequivocally introducing high goal music details and a wide soundstage. The sound system sound execution would be great for studio purposes or anybody for HiFi music.

It is propelled by retro gramophone and with a pure understanding of vintage and style, BLON chose to go with a wooden faceplate, produced using authentic walnut wood, coordinating with standard ear protectors. 

The natural unique texture of walnut is like layers of mountains or waves, creative and uncommon. Standard-size ear protectors significantly seclude clamor and delicate wear. You can completely submerge yourself in the music world.

“Similar to a Fostex T-50rp with shure 1540 pads but easy to drive. Very fun and lively with good bass. A little bright and treble forward but has a sense of being airy. I've only had them on for half an hour but I like them. 

Build quality is solid, feels very light, and has low clamping force but doesn't want to come off the head (spring steel so the clamp can be adjusted). No creeks on the auto-adjusting strap like the Fidelio X3 can do. The cable is really nice but not really long. Overall well worth the price tag” - C.P.

7. Ovidius TX-901(Combat Armor)

It is equipped with a 100mm planar diaphragm driver, the Armor offers an extreme frequency response of 15hz to 40 Khz, which ensures you will never miss any details of any song.

“After watching a review that said these would be good gaming headphones, I excitedly ordered some. The reviewer said Gunshots were impactful. After about 30 hours of break-in, I can confirm that these (mine) have a large bump (+6db) in the 600-1k range, leaning towards 1k. I do not like it. 

Yes, gunshots are accentuated but everything sounds off. I have eq'd them a lot and while tolerable, it is still a strange tone. I also would not call these bassy, but you can make it happen with EQ. There are other headphones in this price range that are better at everything. Build quality and comfort are good” - sledding.

8. Hifiman HE400SE V2

These Planar earphones highlight conductive layers that cover almost the whole stomach, coming about in altogether lower twisting than regular powerful earphones. Acoustically Invisible Stealth Magnet unlike the sound waves made by an ordinary magnet, the extraordinary state of Stealth Magnets empowers the waves to go through the magnets without creating impedance.

Hifiman's high-level magnet configuration is acoustically straightforward, decisively diminishing wave diffraction disturbance that debases the trustworthiness of the sound waves. The decreased contortion yields a pure sonic result that is precise and full-range.

9. Samson SR850

Samson SR850 Semi-Open Studio Headphones are intended to give a direct recurrence reaction making them very exact and extraordinary for basic blending or music playback. The headphones' high recurrence reaction is smooth and sweet, and the bass reaction is warm and tight, on account of the restrictive 50mm neodymium drivers.

The semi-open, circumaural configuration lessens ear weariness and is not difficult to pay attention to during long blending or listening meetings. The SR850 utilizes delicate velour ear pads that are agreeable and fit cozily over almost any ear, and one changing band guarantees a solid match. Whether you are recording, blending, or simply kicking back and paying attention to your number one tunes, the SR850 earphones are an optimal decision.

“The overall quality isn't something that an enthusiast audiophile would be looking for, but for someone just looking for a decent headset to game and do less audio-fidelity-intensive stuff, these are perfect for you. 

The way they sit on the head is quite comfortable and similar to an old SteelSeries headset I used to own, it's got an interesting spring-tensioned 2-part band that cushions it against your head. I almost never get headphone fatigue with these unless I'm doing something with them for 5+ hours” - Rommy. Click Here


10. GoldPlanar GL1200

All Gold Planar uses its long stretches of information and experience to plan restrictive in-house planar attractive stomach drivers that surpass the presentation upsides of current norms. Gold Planar drivers are utilized by different makers of top-end headphones and are in many cases viewed as the top tier.

Considering the entirety of the circumstances, Gold Planar has gone past to make their HiFi world. Here, you are anticipating a shiny new idea for a HiFi earphone with this genuine aluminum strip driver earphone GL1200. You can partake in the thick and strong bassline, rich mids, and breezy and straightforward high pitches of this GL1200 headphone.

“I feel like these are quite good for the money. I wouldn't pay more though. This is a headphone for those that prefer wide speaker type staging and thick and bold sound over. What I love about these are the comfort and the tuning. 

They're quite linear and neutral, just the way I like. My only complaint is they aren't super fast. No, they do not beat estates in speed or detail. Don't believe those reviews. But they do things differently for sure. They have much better bass and sound thickness. Considering the next step up is Real at 2-3x the price, this is a much better buy” - David Turcotte.

11. GoldPlanar GL2000

GL2000 is the recently launched flagship headphone, which takes on Planar Magnetic Diaphragm Driver. It is designed as a kind of perspective tuning headphone, using full recurrence change and open back style. 

The inward driver configuration was altered from the standard drivers different producers use, with the inside plate having been rebuilt to build the surface region and wind current. This improvement, alongside the redesign in magnet strength, makes the earphone much more responsive.

“Saw these reviews on reviews and checked out other site's reviews and made the purchase, couldn't be happier” - Alex Bergquist.

12. Blon BL-30

BL-30 is the newly launched headphone in the BLON over-ear headphone family. It features a large 70mm loudspeaker and a metal mesh shell. It’s the combination of functionality and minimalism aesthetics. The black color scheme along with the raw steel color presents a modern look while the stretchable headphone adds a flavor of vintage, like the antenna.

“Outstanding sound quality especially for their price point. Epic soundstage! Lucky for me I have no problem with the fit. For those bitching about ergonomics. I challenge you to get a pair of headphones with this sound quality for under $300.00. LoveLinsoulBlon” - Peter Camacho.

13. GoldPlanar GL850

It is worked with dynamic, electrostatic, planar attractive, or strip drivers, Gold Planar has brought innovation into the HiFi world. AMT implies air movement transformer innovation which is normally utilized for tweeters of amplifiers

Embracing the super slim diaphragm material and flying grade high-virtue aluminum for the construction, alongside the AMT driver, the area of sound created by these folds is just about as much as 6.3 seasons of the ordinary planar stomach earphone. It improves the force of sound and diminishes the twisting

The GL850 qualifies the guidelines of Hi-Res sound with a 10-40Khz wide recurrence reaction. It has incredible subtleties and will reestablish the music to be unique. Besides, it embraces the acoustic commotion channel which began from an expert studio set. With it, it can enormously smother the murmur while the driver works. The sound is more delicate and definite.

“The speed, detail retrieval, and transparency of these headphones are unmatched by any electrostatic, dynamic, and planar magnetic headphone as of this time. Next level high resolution indeed” - Anonymous.

14. HarmonicDyne Zeus

Designed for Acoustic Accuracy. Outfitted with a new and inventive custom 50mm Beryllium stomach dynamic driver, the Zeus offers an outrageous recurrence reaction of 10Hz to 40kHz. Going past the discernible scope of the human ear, the powerful scope of the Zeus guarantees you won't ever miss any subtleties of any tune.

Planned with the best materials for the metal headband and sandwiched with a few layers of full damping polymers, you're guaranteed a safe fit and cloud-like solace. The lightweight and soft build configuration imply your long listening meetings will be pleasurable - without the tension.

“I really like the HarmonicDyne Zeus, it's great for music and has excellent positional audio if you want to jump into a game with it” - Miles De Wind.