How to Make the Most of a Vacuum Pump and Cylinders

Vacuum Pump

L.A. Pump is the industry leader in providing an exceptional line of meticulously assembled, diamond cut, flame polished cylinders for augmentation of the pen*s, and balls, nipples, and foreskin via hypermutation or vacuum pumping.

Their products are made of high-quality materials and are simple to clean. All of their products are guaranteed for one year from the date of purchase against defects in materials and workmanship to the original owner.

They are built with safety, comfort, and maximum size gain in mind. For the most extreme pen*s pumping results, their pen*s cylinders are made of cutting-edge polymers.

Let me walk you through the eight steps of using the Vacuum Pump and Cylinders correctly and safely to get the best results.

1. Connect the pump to the cylinder.

Connecting the pump to the cylinder is critical. Push the male coupler on the pump hose into the female coupler on the cylinder. When the two couplers are properly connected, you will hear a discernible click. To avoid injury, never use any tools on the coupler to repair it; instead, just finger tighten it.

Their Deluxe Pump has an air-discharge component on the pump's lower body. It looks like a pin on a tire stem. While the cylinder is connected, the air-discharge component simply pushes in and discharges. Push in on the metal tab on the female connector to detach the couplers, and the hose will be released.

2. Discharge the hose from the cylinder.

After you've reached the ideal tension, use the quick disconnect valve to remove the hose from the cylinder. The valve allows pressure to be maintained without being connected to the pump.

3. Grease up your pen*s with lubricant

Grease your pen*s well with lubricant before inserting it into the cylinder. It is advised to use "S*x Grease," a high-quality water-based brand available on their website.

The lubricant in question is formulated with herbs and nutrients to achieve maximum lubricity for use by vacuum pumpers on sensitive skin and fragile tissue. Lubricate the penis thoroughly so that it enters the cylinder with minimal rubbing, ensuring comfort and the best results. Lubricate the flared area of the cylinder to aid in achieving a good vacuum seal.

4. Shave the hair at the base of the pubis.

To maintain a good vacuum seal, some pumpers shave or trim the hair at the base of the pubis. However, if you are extremely hairy, a thick petroleum-based lubricant like their Pumpers Lube can be used to assist with achieving a seal. Oil-based lubes are muddled and do not wash away as easily as our Sex Grease.

5. Place the pen*s in the cylinder.

Place the penis in the cylinder, hold the cylinder against the crotch region of the body, and pump delicately until you find the best level of comfort for you. Every person's level of comfort is unique. To avoid having your scrotum sack sucked into the cylinder, pull down on your testicles and sack until tension is formed in the chamber.

6. Pump to a degree of comfort.


Try not to vacuum for more than 15 minutes at a time. Just pump to a point of comfort, never beyond. This will vary from person to person because tissue types differ. Relax, you don't have to exert a lot of effort to achieve great results.

Pressure levels should be maintained between 4-6 outward vacuum gauges for those who have a Deluxe Pump. The best results are obtained with a 15-minute meeting four times per week. Advanced pumpers may choose to pump two meetings per day, once in the morning and again in the evening.

Heat and moisture aid in the softening of tissue; it is recommended that you pump after you have cleaned up or showered. Their deluxe pump is designed for dry pumping or after washing. Some people recommend using a warming cushion or a heat lamp.

External heating devices should be used with extreme caution because they can be dangerous. It should also be noted that using electrical devices in or near water is simply stupid.

7. Invest in some opportunities to analyze for the best experience.

Trial and error will be your best teacher when it comes to determining what is best for you. Invest in some opportunities to try for the best system experience. Masturbation in the cylinder is popular among men. Your consistent commitment to the regular pumping-like activity will yield the best overall results.

8. Massage your genitals.

After each pumping session, it is recommended that you massage your genitals for as long as you need to achieve the best results and penis wellbeing.

To sum up, L.A. Pump products are made of high-quality materials and are designed for maximum size gain, safety, and comfort.

However, it is recommended that users follow the eight steps in using the Vacuum Pump and Cylinders in order to ensure safety and achieve the best results. For those who are interested in using their products, keep an eye out for their L.A. Pump discount codes and L.A. Pump promotional codes