5 Amazing Reasons Why Photographers Should Use Phlearn

PHlearn Pro

Regardless of the type of photo. Photoshop is popular among photographers. Photoshop includes tools for enhancing any image, including color, exposure, spot removal, and image blending adjustments. It also has more advanced tools than other photo editing programs, making it an invaluable resource for all photographers.

Furthermore, you can use the same skills to make posters, business cards, greeting cards, and a variety of other items. It is necessary to learn because it is used in both image editing and graphic design.

If you are new to this app and want to learn the fundamental tools of Photoshop, there is no better way to do so than by enrolling in Phlearn.

Why use Phlearn? It's because they provide free Photoshop courses such as how to cut a person out for a YouTube thumbnail in Photoshop, how to remove a light stand from a photo in Photoshop, and how to test Photoshop's new sky replacement tool.

1. In Phlearn, photographers are taught how to edit photos non-damagingly.

Every change in some photo editing software is immediately applied to your photo. You can use layers in Photoshop to keep each change separate from the image.

This is a huge benefit for any photographer because it makes it a lot easier to return and fine-tune specific changes. When editing for a client and need to make an adjustment, you can focus on it more quickly than in other programs.

Each change in Photoshop is saved to a new layer. Each change to your photograph is included in front of the previous one using layers. The various changes combine to take a second look at your picture, much like cosmetics. However, the initial image remains unchanged beneath the layers as a whole.

So, regardless of how complex your edit has become, you can usually return and start over if necessary. This is a significant reward for all photographers and a key reason why they enjoy using Photoshop.

"PHLEARN has made a name for itself in the photography world for a reason; the tutorials, products, and services that they offer in general are of the highest quality you can find online, and provide enormous value to the community as a whole in so many ways" - Sean Mundy, Photographer

2. In Phlearn, photographers are taught to utilize layer masks to refine changes.

The ease of use of layer masks in Photoshop is another major draw for photographers.

Layer masks are a great feature of Photoshop. This is a tool for changing the location where a specific adjustment is visible.


Although other editing programs have masking features, they do not compete with Photoshop's layer masks.
It's easier to see where a change is happening when you use black or white on the mask to distinguish between visible and transparent areas. Even if you have a hundred distinct layers, each with its own layer mask, you can immediately tell what everyone is influencing.
Assume you needed to illuminate the subject in your photograph. Normal exposure adjustments would light up the entire photograph. In any case, you can use a layer mask to make that change appear only over your subject. This same thought applies to all of Photoshop's adjustment layers, making it extremely simple to fine-tune shading and exposure in your image.

That same ability isn't as basic in programs like Lightroom or Luminar. When you start adding to an ever-increasing extent in those programs, it can become confusing where all of your changes are focusing.

3. In Phlearn, photographers are taught how to mix different photos.

A wide range of photography procedures requires you to combine multiple photographs. For example, you could focus on the stack, blend exposures, or create a creative composite image.

Because there are no layers in other editing programs, mixing photographs is difficult. You can use Photoshop to combine multiple photographs into a single project, but on different layers. Then, using layer masks, you can refine where each photograph appears in your final image.

This capability is outstanding for creative effects and distinguishes Photoshop from other programs.

"PHLEARN helped me get out of my rut. I wanted to learn some new PS skills, but all of the resources available online seemed t..." - Adam Elmakias.

4. In Phlearn, photographers are taught that Photoshop has better photo editing tools.

Another reason photographers prefer Photoshop is that it has better photo editing tools. For some, the program's tools combined with layer covers provide the best method for making precise changes that aren't normally imaginable.

Unlike other editing programs, Photoshop has undeniably more options for targeting tone at the same time. This is a huge benefit for making more tailored changes leaning toward a specific point of view.

For photographers, this means it's easier to add their style to a photograph without much fuss.

"When it comes to learning everything there is to know about digital photography, look no further than Aaron and PHLEARN" - Jeremy Cowart

5. In Phlearn, photographers are taken into consideration for more innovative edits through Photoshop.

Not all photographers must simply edit the colors in their images. It's sometimes entertaining to try making a composite image or experimenting with other creative effects, such as a twofold exposure.

These kinds of photo edits aren't just entertaining; they're also an excellent way to stand out from the crowd, especially since everyone will be wondering how you did it!

It's simple to combine photographs and make them blend with so many different tools, exposure adjustments, and shading changes. Photoshop has no limitations when it comes to photo editing, which is why so many photographers enjoy using it.

"I've been a fan of Aaron's work long before Phlearn existed. When Phlearn was born, I was overjoyed. " -Alan Grech

Finally, Phlearn enables photographers to master their creative skills. They provide free Photoshop courses such as how to cut a person out for a YouTube thumbnail in Photoshop, how to remove a light stand from a photo in Photoshop, and how to test Photoshop's new sky replacement tool. The five incredible reasons demonstrate why Phlearn is essential for photographers.

"I've been following PHLEARN for over five years, and they've taught me pretty much everything I know about photography and photo editing." With everything I've learned, I've been able to build a business doing what I love, and I can't thank them enough." Jordan Lomibao, Photographer Editor