All Information You Need To Know About Student Web Hosting

Student Web Hosting

Student Web Hosting
 Server is the lifeline of every website. It should be up and running 24/7” ― Dr. Chris Dayagdag. A web hosting service is a kind of Internet hosting service that has sites for clients, for example, it offers the offices expected for them to make and keep a website and makes it open on the World Wide Web.

Companies giving web hosting services are sometimes called web hosts.

Discussing web hosting, there is one that is dedicated solely to students and teachers. This web hosting is named Web Hosting for Students. In this article, I will introduce to the readers particularly the students and teachers every incredible fact about it.

What is Web Hosting for Students?

Web Hosting for Students is the industry for information technology and services. It is the first hosting company dedicated solely to students and teachers. Started by real teachers, the company stands today at the top of the industry for providing professional quality hosting to people learning and teaching web design and development. It is built on the mission of helping students and teachers working on the web. Its official website is

How did it start?

Prof. Zac Gordon began Web Hosting for Students in 2005 while teaching secondary school and college web design and advancement. What started as hosting sites for a couple of understudies, transformed into offering bigger designs to different educators, who thus facilitated more understudies. 

Within a couple of years, understudies and instructors from around the world were utilizing WH4S to have class tasks, projects, and, surprisingly, outside work like client ventures and individual locales.

In 2012, Zac went to educate at the internet-based school Treehouse, which requested to join forces with WH4S to offer reasonable hosting plans to its students as a whole. 

Close to this time, the company was developing to give many hosting accounts all over the world to Universities, colleges, secondary schools, training centers, and students learning from a wide range of web-based learning sites. Today, WH4S is the go-to put for student hosting. Furthermore, it is currently considered the best technology partner in the Industry.

What are the incredible features of this web hosting?

Modern Language Support. This feature explains that whether you want to build a site with simple HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, set up a WordPress or code with PHP, or get into languages like Ruby, Python, or Node they have you supported.

FTP, SFTP, SSH, and Git. This feature explains that hosting accounts come with FTP, SFTP, and SSH access. With this feature, you can easily manage your projects with whatever type of access you prefer. They also have Git for version control up and running by default for all accounts.

cPanel Control Panel. cPanel is an industry-standard control panel for managing web hosting accounts.
They provide cPanel for all accounts and WHM for Reseller accounts.

1 Click WordPress and More. Within your cPanel control panel, you can easily install and manage Content Management Systems like WordPress, Drupal, and many more applications.

Share Your Portfolio. This feature is good for featuring student and teacher sites and regularly adds new featured students to show off on our student pages. Let us show off your work with the world!

24/7 Top Notch Support. This feature explains that their fully certified support staff provides around-the-clock support via their ticketing system to all students who need help with their accounts.
What are the plans offered by Web Hosting for Students?

Web Hosting for Students offers three awesome plans in particular Practice, Students, and Reseller with only minimal payment. The expense of the plans differ. For a Practice Plan, it costs just $25 each year. For a Student Plan, it costs just $50 each year. What's more, a Reseller Plan costs just $100 each year.

What are the services included in each Plan?

Under Practice Plan, the services included are 1 Website, 3 GB Disk Space, 100 GB Bandwidth, 3 Databases (1 Email), and Free Subdomain.

Under Student Plan, the services included are 3 Websites, 10 GB of Disk Space, Unlimited Bandwidth, Unlimited Databases, and Unlimited Email Accounts.

Under Reseller Plan, the services included are Unlimited Websites, 50 GB Disk Space, Unlimited Bandwidth, Ability to Resell Hosting, and WHM and cPanel Access.

“I love Web Hosting for Students. I’ve yet to find someone who prices as competitively.
Their customer service is even better!” -Melissa Mott

Student Web Hosting

Does Web Hosting for Students offer free courses?

Yes, they have free web hosting courses. In addition to providing hosting for students, they also want to help them Learn Web Hosting. They have several courses designed to help you troubleshoot issues, learn cPanel, and even run your own web hosting company.

Do you have a Web Hosting Course Curriculum for teachers?

Teachers put so much of their time, money, and effort into preparing and teaching their courses. Teachers started WH4S and we want to give something back. Hosting teaching sites for other educators is one way they try to give back.

They have created a free, open-source Web Hosting Course Curriculum for teachers who want to cover web hosting topics in their courses. 

Modules include Web Hosting, Domain Names, DNS, Hosting Control Panels, File Transfers, Databases, CMS, Email, Security, and Selling Web Hosting. Each module has an introduction, lecture topics, practice exercises, and recommended assessments.

What are online hosting courses for teachers and students?

We have created several online courses aimed to help supplement learning for both teachers and students. Feel free to use our courses to educate yourself on web hosting or to assign them to your students so they make sure to learn the fundamentals. 

Courses include: “Common Support Topics” and “Learn Web Hosting with cPanel”.

How do you help the students to learn hosting?

Hosting can be intimidating and confusing at first. Knowing the basic terms and concepts of web hosting can help you get comfortable quickly and dig deep with confidence. 

They recommend you start reading An Introduction to Everything You Need to Know About Web Hosting. This is a short, free book. Teachers from WH4S wrote this short book for students to explain the ten most important terms and concepts of web hosting.

In addition to their top-notch support, they teach Web hosting courses. They also offer free reading material, online courses, and a curriculum for students and teachers to use. Resources include 
  • (1) “An Introduction to Everything to Know About Hosting” Book, 
  • (2) Courses like “Learn Web Hosting with cPanel Course”, and 
  • (3) Free Curriculum for Teachers and Schools.

What are the courses offered by Web Hosting for Students?

a. How to troubleshoot your hosting account?

In this course, they teach you all of the most common troubleshooting tips you need to know to manage your hosting account on your own when something goes wrong.

b. How to manage to host with cPanel?

cPanel is one of the leading control panels for managing hosting accounts. They recommend you to attend their Free Online Courses about cPanel Course. This is what they use with their accounts at Web Hosting for Students and in this course, they teach you the ins and outs of working with cPanel. You can visit

c. How to become a hosting reseller?

They love hearing about students running hosting businesses for their clients and beyond. They recommend you to attend their Free Online Courses about cPanel Course. In this course, they teach you everything you need to know to start reselling hosting as a business.

d. How to help the teachers with web hosting?

To help teachers who have to cover hosting in their courses, they have created an in-depth, college-level curriculum that includes content outlines, ready-to-go slides, and assessment suggestions. Please feel free to use it as-is or adapt it for your courses.

Does Web Hosting for Students offer some promo?

Yes. All you have to do is to watch out for reliable places to get Web Hosting for Students. There are many ways you can get them. Firstly, visit the Web Hosting for Students website and sign up for their newsletter. Secondly, follow Web Hosting for Students' social networks to find discount codes. 

Lastly, bookmark Coupons Plus Deals to hunt coupons and deals on Web Hosting for Students.

In using your Web Hosting for Students, follow these steps: Firstly, grasp the Web Hosting for Students at Secondly, visit the Web Hosting for Students website, click to choose any item which you fell in love with then add it to your cart. Continue to click “Proceed to check out.” 

Finally, enter the code into the “Gift card or discount code” cell then apply. Your total payment will be discounted immediately.

All in all, Web Hosting for Students stands today at the highest point of the business for giving proficient quality hosting to individuals learning and showing website composition and improvement. Also, it is presently considered the best technology partner in the Industry.